Associate Software Engineer [Mobile]

Job number 10065
Role type Team Player
Date posted May 12, 2023
Job status Close

What We Are Looking For In You ?

Celata Tech has an exciting opportunity for a Associate Software Engineer (Mobile) to join the GeoBizz Product (GBPS) Team. GBP enables Location Based Intelligence to support a wide range of missions within highly regulated industries. We invite you to meet the team and learn about the complex challenges you can solve with us!

We are looking for engineers to join a fast-paced team and solve complex problems in the domain of location based intelligence . In this role, you will have the opportunity to create systems and software that allow customers in highly secured and regulated industries to consume a wide range of services. The systems and software you develop must meet the security policy and assurance requirements of both public and private sector customers.

As employees, we come together with a growth mindset, innovate to empower others, and collaborate to achieve our common goals. Every day, we build on our values of respect, integrity, and accountability to foster an inclusive culture in which everyone can thrive at work and beyond.


Understand User Requirements

➠ Collaborates with appropriate stakeholders (e.g., project manager, technical lead) to determine user requirements for a scenario. Leverages a variety of feedback channels to incorporate insights into future designs or solution fixes. Ensures appropriate continuous feedback loops measuring customer value, usage patterns, and other actionable metrics of value are incorporated.


➠ Be part of discussions for the architecture of products/solutions and creates proposals for architecture by testing design hypotheses and helping to refine code plans. Provides reactions, proposed solutions, and inputs to architects. Partially owns solutions for architecting of solutions, with minimal technical oversight.


➠ Applies metrics to drive the quality and stability of code, as well as appropriate coding patterns and best practices.

➠ Applies debugging tools and examines logs, telemetry, and other methods to verify assumptions through writing and developing code proactively before issues occur and reactively as issues occur for products. Conducts retrospective debugging of solutions to identify root causes of problems.

➠ Reviews the code of a product to assure it meets the team's and Celata ’s quality standards, is reliable and accurate, and is appropriate for the scale of the product/solution area. Applies feedback to current and future iterations. Participates in code reviews to ensure coding standards are followed.


➠ Leverages subject-matter expertise of product features and partners with appropriate stakeholders (e.g., project managers) to drive a workgroup's project plans, release plans, and work items. Organizes work into smaller sets of tasks as part of an overall roadmap. Guides other members for project estimation and escalates any issues that would cause a delay.

➠ Drives creation and conducting of experimentation to determine the effectiveness of changes, monitors developments for prototyping and testing products, and interprets results from experimentation.

Engineering Excellence

➠ Builds, enhances, reuses, contributes to, and identifies new software developer tools to support other programs and applications to create, debug, and maintain code for products. Uses open source when possible. Begins to develop skills in other tools outside areas of expertise. Identifies internal tools and creates tools that will be useful for creating the product, determining if methods are still applicable for the current solution. Shares best practices and teaches others about new tools and strategies.

➠ Considers and drives comprehensive application of automation within production and deployment of a product. Runs code in simulated or other non-production environments to confirm functionality and error-free runtime for products. Defines and develops standardized, repeatable, scalable solutions to guarantee quality.

➠ Drives efforts to ensure the correct processes are followed to achieve a high degree of security, privacy, safety, and accessibility. Creates and assures the presence of visible evidence to demonstrate compliance for products. Develops and maintains a deep understanding of the implications of onboarding new technologies following expectations of compliance at Celata .

➠ Remains current in skills by investing time and effort into staying abreast of current developments. Proactively seeks new knowledge and adapts to new trends, technical solutions, and patterns that will improve the availability, reliability, efficiency, observability, and performance of products while also driving consistency in monitoring and operations at scale.

➠ Applies and extrapolates best practices to reliably build code that is based on well-established methods while also applying best practices for new code development.

➠ Maintains communication with key partners across the Celata ecosystem of engineers.


➠ Embody our culture and values.


➠ 1 + years’ experience in native and hybrid mobile app development

➠ Strong understanding of mobile application environment.

➠ Experience in react native & android studio.

➠ Strong programming skills in languages such as java kotlin, javascript and swift.

➠ Knowledge of mobile development best practices, including performance optimization, security, and user experience.

➠ Experience in firebase and google cloud.

➠ Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills

➠ Experience with git, jira, and agile development

➠ Full-stack development experience will be an added advantage