The CSIAP conducts the third GIS-based MIS Training for its staff in NWP and NCP

Sunday, 11 February 2023

1:00 PM

The Climate Smart Irrigated Agriculture Project (CSIAP) conducts the third two-day residential training programme on the GIS-based Management Information System (MIS) for its staff in North Western and North Central Provinces today (12th) at the Creston Park Hotel in Anuradhapura. Mr. S.M. Seelarathna, Deputy Project Director (Northern Central Province), CSIAP welcomed all the participants and pointed out the importance of using MIS for the CSIAP. Eng. R.M.B. Rajakaruna, Project Director, CSIAP addressed participants and highlighted that MIS, which stores and organizes data, enables CSIAP Staff to generate reports and analyze data to address CSIAP’s needs and present information while having top-level meetings including the World Bank.

The MIS, which is a software system that focuses on the management of information technology to provide efficient and effective strategic decision-making, helps the CSIAP to coordinate, visualize, analyze information and make decisions through its activities. The above MIS is a combination of its multiple sub-components to provide the relevant information to take out useful information. An integrated system, which blends information from selected operational areas, is a necessary characteristic of MIS.

Celata Tech (Pvt) Ltd invented the GI-based MIS for the CSIAP. Mr. Dinesh Denipitiya, Senior Business Manager (Operations), Chamath Ekanayake, Tech Lead, Mr. Pavithra Prabodya, Senior Software Engineer and Pramodya Amarajeewa, Software Engineer of Celata Tech (Pvt) Ltd explained the new system and provided the CSIAP staff with hands-on experience. Mr. W.M.S. Wijesinghe, Deputy Project Director (North Western Province), Subject Specialists of the Project Management Unit of the CSIAP also participated. The Deputy Project Director (North Western Province) of the CSIAP organized this training programme.